The Whodunit? Challenge

The Whodunit? Challenge

- by Microsoft Research India -

Congratulations Team IIIT-Delhi!!

Kuldeep Yadav & Team from IIIT-D decoded the challenge in just 5 hours 7 minutes!

More details are coming soon. If you participated, please fill this survey to help us in our research.

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Challenge begins: 1st Feb 2013 9AM IST and Challenge ends: 15th Feb 2013 9AM IST.

1. Give a missed call

Give us a missed call at 02653090663 to get a clue via SMS.

2. Build your team

Design an incentive model, build a really large team and collect 5 clues.

3. Submit all five clues

SMS your clues to verify and to win 1 lakh rupees, at 09243316009.

On February 1, 2013, Microsoft Research India will launch the Whodunit? Challenge: a nationwide social gaming competition that awards 1 Lakh Rupees to the winner.

The goal of the contest? To use your mobile phone to crack a fictional mystery case! The winner must discover five clues -- Who, What, Where, When and Why -- surrounding a mysterious event. To receive a clue, simply give a missed call to the contest phone number, 02653090663.

Sound too easy? There's a catch! Some clues are harder to find than others, and only one clue will be sent to a given phone number. Thus, to win the contest, you will have to work as a team. The more people on your team, the better your chances of gathering all five clues!

The first person to solve the case -- by reporting all five clues -- will be declared the winner. To report and verify a clue, send it via SMS to 09243316009. So, get working on building your teams now. May the best detectives win!

Please see FAQ 1 to understand the challenge in more detail.

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